Saturday, April 27, 2019 – Boulder, Colorado

“One Last Talk is undoubtedly the most powerful live storytelling event on the Planet.”

Hear real stories behind the successes and failures of the world’s most courageous people.

This one day event is where world-changers not only leave their legacy, but allow you to discover your own legacy through their stories.

Speakers range from world-renowned entrepreneurs to professional athletes to relatively unknowns with incredible stories.

Speakers have 15 minutes for their personal, final message to leave to the world. After each talk, Philip McKernan leads a discussion and workshop with the audience to uncover insights to incorporate into their own lives.

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Ordinary People. Extraordinary Stories.

Where Truth & Inspiration Collide

Event Details

What is One Last Talk?

Imagine standing on a stage, and delivering your One Last Talk to the world in 15 mins.  In these talks speakers have previously shared the core of their greatest triumphs, their greatest failures, and what are the building blocks of what has created the essence of their leadership style. In short, their stories give us a glimpse into who they really are, why they do what they do and how they want to change the world. 

One Last Talk is a potent mix of raw courage and pure inspiration. It is the perfect arena to explore the nuances of the modern day human experience. It is the place that examines the essence of success, the essence of meaning, the essence of failure and what it really means to be human in an increasingly digital world. It is an experience that transcends the information age and stirs us emotionally so that we can escape the prison of our minds and truly live.

Who is it for?


90% of people die with regret, One Last Talk is for the other 10%. It’s for people who what to want to challenge the story they tell themselves, strip away the Bullshit and get to the core of who they are and get to the essence of the life they really want to live. One Last Talk is for people who want to become even more aligned in their life.  One Last Talk is for people who are willing to be deeply curious, truly open and brave beyond all means.  Because in the end of the day the deeper you go, the higher you fly.


Who is it not for?

People who are unwilling to go deep. People who are looking for the next strategy they think is missing and will make them successful. People who are chasing money and believe that once they have enough they can do the things they love.  


What is in it for the Audience?

As an audience member at One Last Talk, you will be moved to the core in the most powerful way.

You will have the opportunity to take stock of your life so that you can make tweaks to be more aligned and live a more authentic life.

You will learn to be a better Leader – whether as a business leader, team leader, as a parent, partner or a leader in life.

Learn life lessons and receive nuggets of wisdom that you can absorb into your life with immediate impact. You will gain clarity that has the potential to change everything and make better, aligned decisions. 

Learn to fully Connect with yourself and others.

In this workshop style event, you will have an opportunity to explore what your One Last Message would be.

Who are the One Last Talk Speakers?

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders, athletes who will stand shoulder to shoulder with ordinary people with extraordinary stories. In advance of the event Philip McKernan works closely with the speakers to help them extract The Talk they know deep down they need to give and have never shared before. This is the stage that the speaker goes deeper than they’ve ever gone before and may never go again, as one entrepreneurial speaker said, “this is the first and last time I will share this talk”. 

Interested in Speaking?
The Live Format

  • The Talk – The speaker will deliver their ‘One Last Talk’ in 15 minutes, or less
  • Live Mentoring – An optional opportunity for YOU to go one-to-one with Philip McKernan
  • Reflection – Audience exercises or questions to see if or how the story relates to you
  • Q & A – Questions from the audience to the speaker
  • Expansion – Philip McKernan will expand upon and dig deeper into each talk’s general theme



The Dates & Venue
  • When: Saturday, April 27th, 2018
  • Times: 10:00am-4:00pm(Mountain Standard Time) (Registration starts at 9:30am, event start time is 10:00am)
  • Where: Boulder, Colorado
  • Venue: e-Town
Hear more from past attendees
“The word “Meaning” doesn’t even come close. Thank you so much. Massively grateful that I got to experience this event. Still blown away.”
Tim Collins

“Amazing event! The speakers had a greater impact on me than all the so called professional speakers I have listened in my entire life.”
Steve Lockhart

“Thank you so much! This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.”
Lorri Faulder

“One Last Talk has honestly changed my life. To witness these courageous individuals step on stage to share their stories with such openness and vulnerability was truly a compelling experience. I can’t express how refreshing it was to be surrounded by only love, kindness and compassion, without a single ounce of judgement. I finally felt deeply connected to my soul again and to so many others, who went from strangers to friends in no time at all. So powerful and beyond words.”
Janet Parsons

“I had no idea the impact One Last Talk would have on me. A flood of something is happening and at this moment in time I cannot stop it, and I’m sure that it’s something that shouldn’t be stopped…..and actually I don’t want it to stop – think I need to sit in my sh*t!!! I just wanted to say thanks, as this has had a huge impacted me and I was so impressed and inspired by the honesty, openness and genuine interest from everyone who attended.”

“How do you express the utmost gratitude and appreciation for having been moved from from numb acceptance to vibrant feeling, dull existence to excited anticipation, self loathing to self love? My inability to convey the depth of gratitude and appreciation does not stop me from at least saying a very heartfelt ‘thank you’. I just don’t think they make up words for what I experienced at One Last Talk.”

“I have so much trouble describing this experience with words. Being in a room full of love, compassion, honesty, and vulnerability does not happen every day. It hurts to think so few people take the time or make the space to experience something as impactful as this. I would recommend this event to anyone considering it.”

“One Last Talk is an event like no other. An atmosphere of vulnerability and compassion that leads to a weekend of inspiration, insights and introspection. What Philip has done has created an environment where everyone in attendance leaves there with a bigger piece of themselves than when they walked in those doors.”
Jon Talarico

“One Last Talk is the most moving and authentic event I’ve ever been to. Watching these brave seekers speak their story with full vulnerability was one of the most amazing, beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.I feel honored to have shared this experience with such great people and new forever friends.”
Josh Oosterveld

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